New Year's Resolutions

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

Okay, so 2012 is right at corner and I'm gonna make my New Year's Resolutions and I hope I am going to stick with everything I'm about to write down.

*Get Closer to God - No, I'm not a fanatic if that's what you thought. As you know I'm a Christian and for a while I kind of "forgot" of how good it is to be in peace with God and didn't take good care of my spiritual life, now I'm happy to say that I've been bettter than ever and since I'm relocating from the Northwest of Brazil to Maryland I hope I can find a good community where I can go to study His laws and make friends.
*Save Money - I have always been kind of a shopaholic....But I'm much better now, I paid my trip to the US all by myself! But sometimes.....I spend some more than I should, and since I'm planning on going back to college I'm definitely just buying the necessary from January 1st on.

*Go Back to College - I worked very very hard to get in college and when I did I tottaly screwed up! Now, instead of crying over it, I'm gonna work twice as hard to go back and finish it. I'm glad tax in DC is cheaper.

*Read More - I'm a bookaholic! And this year I wanna read all the 66 books on the Bible (starting on January 1st), The Dark Tower (I actually read the first one) series by Stephen King,  The House of Night (I read the 3 first ones) series and read all the Shopaholic Series again, I just love Rebecca Bloomwood (she's not gonna influence me)!

*Learn Spanish - I know some Spanish but I'm not fluent. I'm used to saying that I speak "Portunhol", a mix of Spanish and Portuguese but I'm going to make an effort and I hope by December/2012 I'll be able to keep a conversation in Spanish.

*Go to Canada - Okay, I know I've just said I have to save money, but going to Canada for just one weekend won't be that expensive, will it? I have a friend who's moving to Canada and I hope he's gonna let me crash at his place this way I will not spend much money.

*Take a Culinary Course - I must say I'm very a good cook (not as good as Mom of course) and I love cooking. Please don't think I'm gonna do like Julie Powell and cook 524 different receipts in one year, I just want to take some French culinary class (if I can find it for free!).

*Learn Music - Actually what I mean to say is that I wanna learn how to play the guitar.

*Make a Road Trip - Last but not least....this one is the only one I can't tell for sure I'm gonna achieve because it's not just a road trip....I wanna a road trip on a trailer hahaha, that's an OLD dream, will it finally come true? Let's wait and see!


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